Handicap registration

Our association is part of the Nederlandse Studenten Golf Vereniging (NSGV). The NSGV is a nationwide student golf club with associations in most major dutch student cities. Since the NSGV is an official NGF member we can offer NGF handicap registration to all our members. The NGF handicap registration is included in your membership fee.

When you already have a handicap you don’t have to register your handicap at the NSGV via our association. It’s possible to keep your handicap at your existing homecourse. When you do want your handicap registered by us please ask the golf club where your handicap is registred for a stamkaart and send it to us. 

If you don’t have a handicap yet we also offer the possibility to receive your handicap with our handicap 54 course. Once you have passed your theory and practical exam we will make sure your handicap gets NGF registred.

If your handicap is registred at the NSGV you can access your information and submit cards via the NSGV website or by using the Golf.nl app from the NGF. If you have any problems getting access please sent us and email at bestuur@esgvdeclub.nl or visit us during one of the clubhours.

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