Why become a member?

Golf for a student price

Golf too expensive? You can become a member for only €70 a year. We also regurlary organise drinks and other events.

Club hour twice a week

During the club hours  PGA pro Andrew is there to help you to improve your golf game!

Subscription Dutch Student Masters

At the 11th of May ESGV de Club will kick of the tournament season with the most prestigious golf tournament for students AKA: the Dutch Student Masters!

As you may expect from us this challenging tournament at Golfclub Gendersteyn will be accompanied by loads of beers, fun, a nice plated diner and a strong field.
Be that early bird and subscribe at : https://goo.gl/forms/J4kk6T8YGZmvRB9d2

Don’t have a handicap 54 certificate/ GVB yet? lucky you! A hcp 54 isn’t obligated for the tournament but, if the tournament doesn’t match your level of experience you can still join our clinic and optional diner (via the same link) where you will learn the basics of golf in a student way. Think of a DJ on the driving range, beers etc.

Carnaval Shoot-out met Ivy Global

Hierbij introduceren wij Ivy Global als partner voor de shoot-out van maandag 25 februari. Een kleine toelichting van te voren over Ivy is wel op zijn plaats:

De missie van Ivy Global is om de kloof tussen het bedrijfsleven en studenten te dichten; zij zien dat er binnen (technische) bedrijven veel projecten blijven liggen omdat er te weinig capaciteit is en bij studenten zien we dat de ontwikkeling naar young professional pas na de studie begint. Nederland telt 60.000 technische studenten. Als die 1 dag in de week zouden werken, dan heeft BV Nederland 12.000 technische FTE tot zijn beschikking! Het voordeel voor de student is dat tijdens de studie al relevante werkervaring op wordt gedaan.
Voorbeelden van projecten die Ivy Global uitvoert zijn:
Het up to date maken van as-built tekeningen, het verbeteren van processen op doorlooptijd, kwaliteit en kosten, het implementeren van DMS systemen, etc.
Wij werken voor opdrachtgevers als Strukton, EPZ, Friesland Campina, diverse waterschappen, BP. Maar ook kleine aannemers en productiebedrijven in het MKB.

Ivy Global zal aanwezig zijn tijdens de shoot-out om meer over hun dagelijkse activiteiten te vertellen en alle vragen te beantwoorden.

Wij hopen jullie allemaal maandag 25 februari te zien voor een shoot-out met heerlijk weer en de mogelijkheid om een eerste stap te zetten tot relevante werkervaring tijdens je studeertijd!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Ivy Global bedrijf


Subscription for the new committees

Subscription for the new committees has opened!

Would you like to perform an extra activity within E.S.G.V. de Club which is fun and collaborative? This is your chance! Join one of the three committees: Yacht-party, Introduction or Activity. Together with fellow golfers, you will organize an event for other E.S.G.V. de Club members.

If you would like to join a committee or have any questions sent an email to bestuur@esgvdeclub.nl or WhatsApp a board member.

E.S.G.V or Turin, an extensive analysis

As the current chairman Aswin does his Erasmus semester in Turin you might ask the question: Is there anything else than golf? The obvious answers from our PGA pro Andrew is obviously “no”.

Halve way September Aswin moved for Turin for 5 months to do his international semester at the Politecnico di Torino. Without a chairman the association cannot function anymore and, therefore, Yvo will function as chairman for the first halve a year. During this time Aswin will miss: Andrew, 5 shoot-outs, 2 HyTEPS events, 1 Christmas dinner, approximately 44 club hours, beer, BaCo and most importantly “golf”. So if he will miss all those things, what does he get in return and is Andrews “obvious” answer still that obvious in the end.

So apart from the negative side, Turin might also give some things in return. First of all, Turin located in Piemonte is known for their “aperativo”, which basically means free food. By taking an aperativo you buy a nice cocktail, long island ice-tea for example. Then you are allowed to try all the house it’s specialties which are presented on a big table. Most often this includes pizza, pasta and tiramisu. Furthermore the region Piemonte is known for Barolo wine, Truffles, Nutella and the foundation of the Vermouth. Finally, Piemonte contains a lot of skiing areas which will open soon, including the bars with beer and Jägermeister. But does this outweigh all the losses?

This question was again asked to Andrew, which responded “no” without any doubt. However, Andrew who has only seen Panama except from a golf course in his life, might be a bit narrow minded. The question was answered by somebody else. “Turin, a nice place in Italy which is the most polluted city in Europe is very nice. I love to inhale dirty air and as a student I’m used to eat pizza and pasta each and every day. Furthermore, I am the guy that is really into discovering old historical monuments of which there are a lot in Italy.”  Said Aswin who has never seen a 6000 year old “hunebed” in Drenthe. Finally, Aswin said he misses playing golf: “Standing 4-6 hours a week on a driving range while playing handicap 31.5, wasting hours of Andrews valuable time and knowing that Jordy is drinking all the free beers. That’s a difficult time, people have to understand that”.

According to the final answer given by Aswin we may conclude that not playing golf is a huge loss in somebody’s life. Especially, if you lose the opportunity to play at E.S.G.V. De Club. Finally, we may conclude that our “Big A” was again right.

Overall winner club championships 2017 – 2018: Max Obers

The final shootout, the mighty “F.A.E.S.G.V.A.S.G.B.” (First Annual Eindhovensche Studenten Golf Vereniging All Sports Golf Battle) was the last hurdle for Max to claim his victory for the overall win as club champion for the year 2017-2018. Although Max could not claim the win for the June shootout, our Chairman Aswing Jongsma beat him to it, Max scored enough points during the “F.A.E.S.G.V.A.S.G.B.” and has been crowned club champion for the year 2017-2018.

We hope to see you all next year and beat Max to become the club champion of 2018 – 2019

On behalf of the 16th board, have a great summer and enjoy your free time to practice your golf game