E.S.G.V. de Club vs Golfcentrum Eindhoven

On Tuesday the 29th the first ever tournament between GCE and E.S.G.V. was held. On arrival, it was all friendly between the teams and everybody enjoyed a piece of cake and a cup of coffee. But when Andrew announced that it was time to play the atmosphere changed, both teams wanted to win this prestigious tournament. The tournament existed of two times 9 holes, the first nine holes the format best ball was played and the second nine greensome. GCE took a quick lead, leading with 4-2 after the first 9 holes.

Because not all participant were aged below 25 there was a BBQ to strengthen up and talk tactics within the teams, while enjoying a beer and some meat. The students had a productive meeting and did manage to win the first two greensome matches to even the score to 4-4, with still 4 teams in play everything could happen. GCE and E.S.G.V. played the best they could.

Eventually, GCE managed to win one more game, the other 3 were won by E.S.G.V. totalling the score on 5-7. This making E.S.G.V. the winner of the first encounter between GCE and E.S.G.V. Afterwards both teams enjoyed a second BBQ and some more beers and had an amazing evening.

The most memorable shot of the night was a hole in one by Niek Rijkmans on hole 3 using his lob wedge to his advantage! We would like to thank Andrew Scullion for the organisation and hopefully meet GCE again next year during the second inter-club tournament.

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